Many space probes sent to space are sending spectacular
images of the universe back to Earth even today.

However, mankind is heading to the moon again in search of
the mysteries of the vast universe that are still unknown.

From the exploration of the moon, the gateway to space,
until the day when we can watch the blue sunset on Mars

The journey of Space Hub for preparing for
the future of mankind begins now.

Explore The Sustainable
Future In Space

South Korea's first lunar orbiter Danuri succeeds in
its first launching into orbit in 2022 to become the 7th country
in the world to succeed in lunar exploration

Guide for the lunar orbiter

Satellite Propulsion System

Korea's first lunar orbiter Danuri, launched in August 2022, will fly through the mission orbit of 100km above the moon for 1 year to collect various kinds of information and data. Space exploration technology accumulated in the process of developing and operating the Danuri will also be utilized in developing the lunar landing module in the future.

Satellite image

Space Hub Satellite Propulsion System

ⓒ Korea Aerospace Research Institute

Space Hub

Efforts of Space Hub
for Space Exploration

Space Hub is developing the satellite propulsion system to help
the lunar orbiter Danuri perform the mission stably until it launches from
the Earth and enters the lunar orbit.

The satellite propulsion system is a single-propulsion system operated on the
principle of generating propulsion through reaction by type of liquid propellant and
catalyst. As constant thrust is required in the orbital transfer process from Earth
to the moon, pressure-regulated method is used, with the blow-down method
utilized until the mission is completed after entering the targeted lunar orbit.

The lunar orbiter Danuri is an important mission linked to exploring the candidate
landing site for the Artemis Project in the future.

ⓒ Korea Aerospace Research Institute

Satellite image
Dreaming of utilizing the
lunar local resources.

Space Hub signed an MOU with six government-funded research centers
to activate participation in the In-space Local Resource Utilization (ISRU)*,
leading the space industry actively in the New Space Age by establishing
a comprehensive cooperation system on the overall ISRU technology.

Through this, Space Hub is contributing to strengthening the space
industry network platform and constructing and activating the domestic
space industry ecosystem.

*In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU)

As the facility or system producing the supplies required in space,
it is the technology of producing water, oxygen, solar cells, construction
materials, and space launch vehicle (SLV) fuel, etc. from the moon or Mars.

Going back to the moon.

Major countries around the world are competing on pursuing space exploration plans.
The United States and China are executing the detailed plan for manned exploration
activity from the moon to Mars, and competition for space exploration is intensifying
even in Russia, Japan, and India, etc.

Participation in the
Artemis Program

  1. 01

    The Artemis Program executed by NASA is a manned lunar exploration
    project; it is a project for constructing the lunar orbiting space station
    Lunar Gate and to send 4 people to the moon including the first female
    astronaut in human history.

  2. 02

    The ultimate goal is for humans to expand their habitat to Mars,
    and the plan is to construct a manned base in the moon through
    the Artemis Program.

  3. 03

    Countries around the world have signed the Artemis Accords for
    international cooperation in the Artemis Program, and Korea became
    the 10th signatory in May 2021.

  4. 04

    By participating in the Artemis Program, Korea is planning to develop
    new innovative technologies and system for developing and utilizing
    space and to use lunar exploration as a steppingstone for expanding
    to deep space exploration including Mars.

In the new era of space exploration, Space Hub will
continue taking on great challenges to become a global leader
in the space industry through innovative technology.