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Satellite Communication

The New Space Era

Global space pionners are deploying tens of thousands of communication satellites on the low Earth orbit(LEO) and adopting communication solutions to provide a whole new level of connection, better link airplanes, ships, trains, and vehicles with internet service, and we are providing ultra- fast space communication infrastructure capable of 24-hour broadband communication with airplanes, ships, trains, and vehicles moving at high speed.

Space Hub is searching for business models to provide
the connectivity powered by satellites for hyper-connected future to offer a whole new level of connection.

LEO 1,200km
GEO 35,000km
The New Space Era
High-quality communication
anywhere in the world

Space Hub has secured electronic antenna technology—a key element of space Internet—by acquiring British hi-tech satellite antenna technology company Phasor and investing in US-based Kymeta.

Having especially overcome the limitations of existing mechanical antennas, it is independently developing an electronically steerable satellite antenna based on semiconductor chips, a key part of the next- generation satellite communication.

Innovative, Electronically
Steerable Antenna

This antenna can be applied to all platforms such as airplanes, ships, and vehicles moving on land, sea, and air according to their characteristic since it is thin and light with expandable module base.

Space Hub is developing an innovative satellite antenna compatible with not only low-orbit satellites but also geostationary orbit satellites and broadband geostationary orbit satellites.

The New Space Era
Hyper-connected, Multi-tiered
Communication Satellite Payloads

We need a communication system that can transmit data in real time without limitations in serviceable regions by integrating all multi-tiered communication systems into one network to ensure communication connections between all platforms in space, air, land, and sea.

Space Hub is independently developing communication satellite payloads for a hyper-connected, multi-tiered communication system, including Inter- Satellite Link (ISL), Electronically Steerable Antenna (ESA), and On-Board Processor (OBP), which are key components of cluster satellites currently operating in the low earth orbit.

  • 01 ISL Inter-Satellite Link
  • 02 ESA Electronically Steerable
  • 03 OBP On-Board
ISL: Inter-Satellite Link

Technology that transmits and receives data between
satellites through laser without going through land.

: Electronically Steerable Antenna

Ultra-high-speed communication anywhere in the world

OBP: On-Board Processor

Playing the role of the brain organizing the communication
routes of hi-tech digital communication relays

  • ISL
  • ESA
  • OBP
  • ISL
  • ESA
  • OBP

Earth Observation

World's top class
Earth Observation Service

Space Hub is the nation's leader in Earth
capabilities that is capable to provide all
kinds of solutions:
Electro-Optical (EO),
Infra-Red (IR), and Synthetic Aperture
Radar (SAR).

EO viewing the world
under sunlight

Electro-optical camera used during daytime

IR capturing the world even
during the darkest night

Infra-Red Camera used during daytime and nighttime

SAR observing the world
under any climatic conditions

Used during daytime, nighttime, and
adverse weather using radar method

  • EO
  • IR
  • SAR
EOIR Camera
for Space

Space Hub is developing a perfect, faultless camera that can be utilized in earth observation, national security, and remote sensing by using its experience and know- how in developing EOIR cameras for ground and air for the past 40 years.

The IR payloads for the Korea Multi-Purpose Satellite launched in 2015 is the first Korean-developed satellite, boasting of the world’s best IR performance. We have also proven our EO camera technology for space as the first EO camera for the next-generation medium-sized satellites we have jointly developed. Launched in 2021,
it is being successfully operated today.

We will continue to develop the EOIR camera technology for space based on our exceptional technological prowess.

ⓒ Korea Aerospace Research Institute
SAR Satellite

Space Hub is in the process of developing a small SAR satellite weighing less than 150kg as needed
for the New Space Era with purely Korean technology.

We have designed the main body and payload of
small SAR satellite as an all-in-one system and significantly reduced the size and volume to enable multiple satellites
to be launched in the Korean solid rocket system. Furthermore, because it uses radar, it can acquire images during daytime, nighttime, and adverse weather 24/7, and it is designed with the highest performance in the world with resolution of 1m.

The technology of SAR satellites under joint development
by Space Hub and Agency for Defense Development (ADD) is expected to be used in the Korean government's "SAR microsatellite constellations" project.

Earth Observation
Data Analysis

By grafting AI technology onto satellite image data, this technology predicts the environment/disasters in a wide range of areas such as national defense, climate, disaster, land, and ocean, manages industrial infrastructures, and analyzes trends.

It datafies earth and predicts its future, providing insights required for earth and mankind.


Ground Station

Extending its capabilties to future mobility and IoT operated
by satellite networks to generate the hyper-connected,
hyper-intelligent, and hyper-converged satellite data

Connect the future

Hyper-connected, Hyper-intelligent Network

We will contribute to sustainable earth and life of mankind with Space Hub's satellite service technologies in the New Space Era.