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Hanwha Aerospace to Develop Small Launch Vehicle System Technology

▷Hanwha Aerospace awarded a contract for the "Small Launch Vehicle System Concept Design" Project, in recognition of its core technology that was verified by NURI. ▷Hanwha Aerospace has conducted a preliminary requirements review (PRR) meeting with the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) for its small launch vehicle. ▷Improved cost-effectiveness by developing low-cost, high-efficiency small launch vehicle systems.

Hanwha Aerospace will perform the system concept design of a small launch vehicle with the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI).

Currently, Hanwha Aerospace has stationed dedicated research personnel in the KARI and is jointly analyzing the plan to develop a sustainable and economically feasible small launch vehicle through a partnership with the Future Launch Vehicle Research Group, which involves system concept design, cost analysis, aircraft/propulsion system, avionics/ ground interface design, etc.

The reason why small launch vehicles are spotlighted is that the demand for miniaturized satellites is increasing due to advanced technology. With the increasing demand for public satellites, which are set to be launched in S. Korea around 2026, such as cluster satellite systems weighing less than 150kg, the need for small launch vehicles is materializing as well.

Hanwha Aerospace CEO Hyun-woo Shin affirmed his dedication to capitalizing on the company's diverse expertise and achievements in order to develop economically viable and reliable small launch vehicle system solutions. He also stated that Hanwha Aerospace will actively participate in future national small launch vehicle demand projects.

Meanwhile, Hanwha Corporation has been accelerating its space business with the rollout of Space Hub in March this year. With the proven track record of Hanwha Aerospace's liquid propulsion technology with the NURI launch vehicle, Hanwha Corporation's solid propulsion technology, and the satellite technology of Hanwha Systems and Satrec Initiative, the consortium is driving advancements in the space industry.

At the Seoul International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition (Seoul ADEX 2021) held last October, Hanwha Group showcased its cutting-edge technological capabilities in the space industry. This included a 75-ton liquid engine, lunar exploration orbit system, and micro-sized SAR satellite, among others. The exhibition provided an opportunity for Hanwha to demonstrate its world-class expertise and advancements in space technology.

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